SSRN Paper:Compulsory Licences on Pharmaceutical Patents in India

Mr. Sandeep Rathod (patent lawyer and Head of Litigation at Mylan Laboratories) recently uploaded a paper on SSRN titled, ‘Compulsory Licences on Pharmaceutical Patents in India’. The paper which argues against the notion that the Bayer case opened the floodgates for compulsory licensing in India (discussed on GoT here) is based on empirical evidence and an excellent repository of the compulsory licence applications which have been filed in India so far.

While reading the paper, I realised the gaps in my own research on compulsory licensing in the Indian context. My article (which has now finally been published by the JIPLP) missed many of the lesser known compulsory licence applications documented by Mr. Rathod in his paper.

I would encourage you to read the paper and share your thoughts. The working draft of the article is available open access at SSRN: